capabilities are unlimited

Between our three major suppliers we have access to a comprehensive range of Lubricants and batteries that will meet every demand.

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Time is money

Your time is your money

We know time is money and set a very high standard in prompt customer service and supply.
Our regular customers rely on our efficiency to help keep their businesses running smoothly.

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In an ideal world, or even 25years go you could possibly get away with using the one engine oil in your whole fleet of tractors , trucks and 4WDs but not anymore.

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As a free service to our customers, we can come out to your block or farm and go through your entire fleet of vehicles with you.
We can then check that you are currently using the right oils for all of your tractors and also see if you can rationalise the range of oils you need to have on your property.
You may only need one 205 of engine oil instead of 5 different 20 litre drums, or you may need to expand your range to ensure you have the right product for every piece of equipment that you own.


For larger volume requirements we can also supply Engine oil, industrial oil, gear oil and other products in 1000 litre containers.
There are no restrictions on the volumes of oil we can source and we can meet the smallest to the biggest requirements.
We stock over 300 batteries to fill a plethora of different applications.
Our battery supplier R & J Batteries is the biggest battery Distributor in Australia and can source pretty much any type and any quality of battery for us.
Only dealing with major Distributors ensures that we can meet all of our customers lubricant and battery requirements and back it up with prompt supply.

At any given time we stock over 8000 litres of a mix of Fuchs, Valvoline and Silkolene lubricants in pack sizes ranging from 500 ml pressure packs to 205 litre drums.



We want to help you to keep doing the things you need to be doing.
Selling you the right lubricants and batteries allows you to do this and will also give you peace of mind that you have a quality option every time.



Over the last 10 years the lubricant requirements of European tractors and other vehicles has diversified and become much more complex.
It is now critical to use the right lubricant in every application to avoid equipment failure and possible huge repair bills whether it’s in a motorbike or the latest model tractor.