Delkor are sealed maintenance FREE calcium grid batteries.. .

Sizes range from 260 CCA lawn mower batteries, to 1300 CCA truck batteries. Standard Delkor batteries have extremely high cranking capacity and are there is also a range Delkor Silver Calcium for extra heavy duty applications. Delkor batteries feature lead calcium expandable grids (Lead Calcium Technology) for resistance to corrosion, overcharging, gassing, water usage, self discharge, and thermal runaway, all of which limit battery life in conventional lead acid batteries.

-Superior Cranking
-Ability to sit for long periods with minimal self discharge
-Consistent starting performance
-Longer lifetime
-Built in hydrometer which indicates state of charge at a glance
-Factory-Sealed Lead calcium technology makes the battery truly maintenance free
-Polypropylene case combines light weight with high impact strength
-Heat sealed covers help protect electrolyte.


Delkor Battery warranties vary depending on the purpose of usage.
-Private (Car & 4WD) 30 Months
-Truck, Commercial, Marine & Motorcycle 12 Months
-Industrial 12 Months
-Deep Cycle 12 Months
-Taxi 6 Months


Other Information

The warranty rate of Delkor batteries is a low 1 %.
The longest life customers have reported to me on Delkor batteries has been 10 years, on several different occasions and in a variety of different applications.
Two of Sunraysia’s major transport companies use Delkor Batteries in their entire fleets.
Pickering Transport based in Buronga have been using Delkor Batteries since 2010 (Refer testimonial)
Wakefield Transport based in Merbein have been using Delkor batteries since 2009 (Refer testimonial)
A large local customer base made up of Workshops owners, Primary producers and Transport owners know the virtues of Delkor Batteries and would never use anything else.
Our biggest growth area has been in private car owners who are sick of replacing their lesser quality batteries on a regular bases and look to Delkor to give them extra longevity and better value for money.