Optima spiral cell batteries come into their own in extreme 4WD and boating applications. .

Their durable construction and high resistance to extreme temperatures and vibration are why Optima batteries last up to two times longer than tradition batteries
Features of Optima Battery include,
- Ability to withstand high under-bonnet temperatures.
-Superior vibration resistance and extended life
-Added vibration resistance
-Increased durability
-Maintenance Free
-Completely spill proof
-Faster recharge capabilities.
Optima batteries come in three colour coded options, being Red, Yellow and Blue top.


Optima Red Top starting batteries.

Optima Red Top batteries are a high power cranking battery delivering a high level of power to start SUVS, 4 x 4‘s and trucks.


Optima Yellow Top deep cycle batteries.

Optima yellow top batteries are ideal for deep cycle applications.
They are ideal for auxiliary batteries in 4WDs and caravans because of their rapid recharge rates.
A D27F yellow top Optima deep cycle battery will charge from 100% flat to fully charged in 35 minutes using a 100 amp alternator.
Optima Yellow top batteries have the ability to hold a higher voltage during the discharge cycle making it possible to use 100% of the batteries stored power.

Optima Blue Top Marine/Deep Cycle Batteries.

Optima Blue Top batteries are ideal for boaters and outdoor enthusiasts who need long-lasting high-performance power.
Optima Blues are dual purpose and have enough cyclic power for stereos, GPS systems, bilge pumps, fish finders and other high-demand electronics, while still providing plenty of cracking power to start the motor.